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Ceramic Fiber Blanket Production Line

SUPER ceramic fiber blanket production line is protected by SUPER’s self-owned intellectual property right. Meanwhile, SUPER has updated PLC & DCS system to ensure high quality products to be made and the quality can reach international standard.

Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Blanket Production Line
1. Be controlled by PLC and DCS controlling system
2. With the electric resistance furnace production technics
3. Adjust the temperature of melting furnace by controlling the electricity
4. Produce the two sides needled ceramic fiber blanket
5.With the annual capacity of 2000T,3000T and 5000T 

The parameter of ceramic fiber blanket produced by the equipment
1. Including blown and spun fibers
2.Two sides needled ceramic fiber blanket
3.The temperature range:1050℃,1260℃,1360℃ and 1450℃
4.The thickness range: from 13mm to 50mm
5.The density range: from 75kg/m3 to 160kg/m3