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Ceramic Fiber Board Production Line

SUPER ceramic fiber board production line is protected by SUPER’s self-owned intellectual property right. The largest microwave multi-drying system in China was developed by SUPER and has been installed on current running production line at SUPER’s workshop.

Characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Board Production Line
1. Be controlled by PLC and DCS controlling system
2. With continuous production process, which can customize the length as customers' demands
3. With microwave oven dry technics to ensure the even dry process
4. Produce the vacuumed two sides polished ceramic fiber board
5.With annual capacity of 3000T

The parameter of ceramic fiber board produced by the equipment
1.Two sides polished ceramic fiber board
2.The temperature range: 1050℃,1260℃,1360℃ and 1430℃
3.The thickness range: from 10mm to 100mm
4.The density range:  from 220kg/m3 to 350kg/m3