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Manufacturing Equipment

SUPER is a professional ceramic fiber producer and ceramic fiber production line manufacturer. All production lines in SUPER’s workshop are designed and manufactured by ourselves. It is more convenient for customers to have an overview on SUPER’s product quality and equipment operation while visiting to SUPER.

The ceramic fiber production line is controlled by DCS, PLC or semi-automatic control system. The light–control PLC automatic tracing system can keep products a high temperature performance and standard.
Annual output of ceramic fiber blanket production lines can be supplied with a capacity of 2000MT, 3000MT, 5000MT. Products temperature classification is 1050℃, 1260℃ and 1450℃.

In 2009, SUPER exported two sets of ceramic fiber blankets production lines to Russia. The contract includes design, manufacture, equipment delivery, supervision of equipment installation and commissioning as well as operation training in customer’s plant.
SUPER is a leading supplier in China for ceramic fiber blanket, board and paper production lines.