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Factory Profile

SUPER is a leading high temperature insulation fiber producer and ceramic fiber production lines manufacturer in China.

With more than 17 years' experience, SUPER is a quality producer of ceramic fibers and bio soluble fiber product which can be used in difference industries such as petrochemical, ceramic, power generation, glass and power etc.

SUPER has already designed and installed 7 ceramic fiber blanket production lines and 2 ceramic fiber board production lines in its Shandong based factory. Due to domestic and overseas market booming, we are working with other partners to build a new factory with annual capacity of 50,000 tons ceramic fiber blanket.

Nowadays SUPER has established a wide range cooperation net with some reputable enterprises like China Petroleum and Sinopec.

SUPER Development History

Zhangqiu Shandong Tiantong silicate Factory


Began to export to global market


Shandong Alert Souble Ceramic fiber Equipment Co.,ltd


Shandong Guangming SUPER Refractory Fiber co.,ltd


Set up Shandong SUPER Group


Build Beijing SUPER International